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Dowsing 101:
Pendulum Power

by Harusami

The pendulum has been used since ancient times as a form of divination called "dowsing." Any object that can be suspended on a chain or string can be used, a favorite pendant or a beloved ring on a string can work wonderfully.

These days, there are thousands of styles and gemstone variations to choose from, from a simple wooden point to elaborate designs incorporating multiple gemstones and precious metals. It's best to find a pendulum that resonates with you. You might want to start a collection of pendulums of different materials and gemstones depending upon their use. The metaphysical properties of the crystals will give you an idea of which stones to work with.

The Basics

The first thing you'll want to do with your new pendulum is a spiritual cleansing, this can be done by setting it out in the sunlight for a few hours, or in the light of a full moon for a night. One of the best ways to cleanse your gemstones is to bury it in a container of raw brown rice overnight. While the rice cleanses the stone, it also benefits from the energy of the stone...think of it as a "vitamin boost" for the rice, it will be perfectly healthy to cook and eat.

Next, you'll need to set your intention for the pendulum. The pendulum works by accessing your higher-self, the sage soul within you that is connected to All That Is. Call upon the Divine Source/God/Goddess for assistance and protection. Ask that the pendulum be used for the highest good and as a conduit for Divine Light and wisedom.

Now it's time to calibrate your pendulum! Generally, a pendulum will swing back and forth for a "yes" answer, and side-to-side for a "no" answer...just like nodding your head for "yes" or shaking your head for "no." But of course, it can be different for everyone, that's why calibration is important!

Sit quietly, take several relaxing deep breaths. Gently hold the end of the pendulum (usually a single stone or elaborate holder) between your thumb and middle finger. Now ask a question that you know the answer to, such as "Is my name Fred?," or "Do I love Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey Ice Cream?" Just remember, you have to know the answer...if you're conflicted about the answer...say, you love Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey but hate that it's adding to your thighs...your pendulum just might start circling wildly. When the pendulum moves in circles, it usually means a "maybe" or the question is not clear enough. After asking these simple questions, you should have a clear grasp of how your pendulum reacts to your "yes" and "no" questions.

Now you can begin to ask it questions. Be sure to clear your mind and let go of trying to influence an answer. Generally, the more pronounced the swing, the stronger to "yes" or "no" answer to your question. Remember, nothing is written in stone, minds and paths constantly change, as do the answers the pendulum may give you.

I've had great success in predicting the sex of unborn babies with my pendulum, for me, a girl is a side-to-side swing, while a boy is back-and-forth...much like the old wives' tale of carrying high or low in predicting sexes. Experiment with your pendulum and calibrate it for your own use.

On rare occasions, the pendulum will simply stop and refuse to move. In my personal experiences, these incidences had profound meaning and meant having to take a call to action. Explore your feelings, are you fearful? Content? Clear your mind, call upon your higher-self for guidance, and go with what your heart tells you.

Using the Pendulum in Healing

The pendulum is a useful tool in dowsing out the cause of an ailment, the symptoms experienced, and in asking what course of action is best for the person in question. The pendulum is often used by Reiki and other energetic healing practitioners in finding imbalances in the auric fields and the chakras. Read more about the chakra system here.

At the beginning of any healing, it's recommended that a practitioner check their own energetic field by holding the pendulum in one hand over the center of their other hand. The pendulum should make smooth, wide circles. The energetic quality of the gemstone of the pendulum can also enhance the chi energy you're working with.

The simplest diagnostic method is to stand over the seated client while holding the pendulum over their crown chakra (top of the head). If the pendulum starts circling erratically, swinging in ovals, or doesn't move at all, there is usually an imbalance. After performing the energetic healing modality upon the person, recheck the crown chakra with the pendulum. Nice smooth circling indicates that an improvement and balancing has taken place.

If you have the person on a massage table or flat surface, you can hold the pendulum over each chakra to find imbalances and heal accordingly.

If the pendulum swings in very wide circles, the persons' chakras may be too open. Ask them to pull back their energy and watch as the circles become smaller. If the pendulum is making very small circles, it could mean a lack of energy or need for chakra opening and clearing.

Remember, your pendulum questions can be asked in silence, this is recommended when dealing with sensitive issues.

Your Pendulum, Your Friend

Remember that your pendulum is a tool to access your higher-self and Divine Source, give it the proper respect and care. It is not recommended to let others handle your pendulum, if you do, make sure you cleanse and re-calibrate its energy.

Some recommend sleeping with your pendulum under your pillow for at least a night to bond with the energy. Take note of your dreams while doing so, they can be an enlightening message from your higher-self.

Granted, the pendulum is only a tool to access etheric realms, just as a hammer provides a carpenter with a tool to build a house...if the carpenter respects his tools, he becomes a better carpenter. While he may not sleep with a hammer under his pillow, leaving his hammer out in the yard to rust would most likely diminish his ability to build a good house or be a good carpenter.

Give thanks to the Divine Source and your higher-self whenever you use your pendulum. Gratitude is a powerful force, it clears your heart and allows you to accept the truth for the higher good.

May you enjoy your tools, use them for the greatest good, maintain respect and gratitude for their service...and have fun!

Blessings of love & light!

Unique Dowsing Pendulums from Soul2Soul Treasures

*The information provided here is not intended to replace conventional medical treatment for physical or psychological illness. No written or expressed guarantees are made about the use of alternative, metaphysical or spiritual tools, services and supplies suggested.

All work copyright ©2001-2014 Harusami Productions, LLC unless otherwise specified. All rights reserved. Artwork, graphics and written works may not be copied or used without the expressed or written consent of copyright owner. For any information regarding this site please Contact Harusami Thank you!
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