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Myrna Lou is a palmist/psychic who has been reading palms since the age of 10, she has documented over 22,500 palms to date. Her book, "MAY I SEE YOUR HAND? PALM READING FOR FUN AND PROFIT", may be purchased at her website:

Palmistry and Soul Mates
Articles by Myrna Lou Goldbaum

"Lovers do not meet somewhere along the way.
They're in each other's hearts from the beginning." ~Rumi

In Oriental Palmistry the definition of a soul mate is one who bonds with another and is familiar with them instantly as if they are one; two minds working in tandem, a single unit, nurturing and loving. They meet at a soul level, and feel what the other is experiencing simultaneously. They merge as ecstatic, creative, evolving, living souls. Soul mates "know instinctively" and search out their equals. Soul mates have agreements established in the past to come together and share evolutionary growth. When one finds a soul mate from another lifetime in this one, the relationship is deemed to go on forever.

Admission to self, "I want my other half, my true partner, my soul mate in this world" sends out the signal and their soul mate, where ever they may reside, hears the inner gut-wrenching cry, and answers the call home. Soul mates can bond with friends, lovers or family members because they are created at a soul level. A person must get in touch with their own essence, to feel their own soul and get a sense of what gives them true happiness. Discovery of old patterns and releasing them allows new ones in.

"Think not you can direct the course of love, for love if it finds you worthy, directs your course."~ Kahil Gibran

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Soul work requires a widening of the heart and mind, allowing fate to intervene. Soul mates can be both stimulating and demanding; they tend to bring out the best in each other. There are times in a union, however when this is not true and one or both partners may ask themselves why they are so unhappy. Evidence suggest that couples who argue and express themselves openly get rid of a lot of stress and tension and their union lasts longer than those who "stuff it" and do not speak up. A great relationship consists of venting feelings when necessary.

At times soul mates miss the opportunity to find one another; two ships passing in the night. Maybe one person is hopelessly tied to an individual, unable to obtain their freedom. A reunion cannot take place and this is sad, but happens many times. There is no reversal in some situations. Ideally, a soul mate arrives on the scene when their other half is free and wishing for the existence of one to bond with who is like them.



Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved." William Jennings Bryan
The greatest connection is with self. That determines the quality of all relationships throughout life with others. Love is attracted and all relationships continue to express love and joy. Every stage in life is in existence to serve you and bring you closer to love, happiness, learning how to trust your heart and allow more love into your life.

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HONESTY: Soul mates open their secrets to each other and instead of reacting, they explore. Instead of judging they are curious.
GENEROSITY: Soul mates give with no ulterior motive, expecting nothing in return. They give their time, insight, money, empathy, listening and compassion to the other.
EMPATHY: Soul mates feel for each other, saying without verbalizing it, "You aren't alone, I'm here with you to feel what you are going through".
FORGIVENESS: Soul mates grant pardons without resentment, they do not punish.
GRATITUDE: Soul mates know life is a miracle, a gift and something always to be thankful for with each other

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I am a palmist and employ the Oriental modality in all reading sessions. Being in touch with one's higher self, connecting to one's scared self, these are the benefits of palmistry. The lines on a palm are the indicators of the major influences and movements one faces in this life. The human hand is considered to be the mirror of the soul. Palmistry searches for the truth that enables understanding the true nature of another.
Palmistry addresses the following issues:

Soul Mate
Emotional turmoil
Recurring dreams
Future goals
Finding one's spiritual path
To deepen life to a new level of meaning
To built the life one desires
To create the work that gives one's heart joy

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The expression, "No risk, no gain" is true in the soul mate aspect. One must reach out and enter into life's mainstream by becoming involved, enrolling in a class, volunteering somewhere or working within a group setting. This shakes up the energy around the person and brings new individuals into their life. Networking, being a friend to another, trying new activities, are ways to be in the area where your soul mate may be waiting to find you. You must be "out there" doing and being for them to locate you.

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The most satisfying relationship is when two are romantically entwined with each other, where they radiate similar power to one another. The chance meeting of soul mates is predestined for their soul's growth. Soul mates recognize their counterparts internally if they have bonded with that person previously. The human system simply "knows" they have found their counterpart because all learning is a procedure of remembering the past. We are the sum total of all our experience from the beginning of time.

In a human's lifetime an individual could know hundreds of soul mates among their peers. How one works, plays, dreams, aspires, thinks, relates to others and lives their life is reflected from previous time zones. A person who connects with a soul mate in this lifetime had to be connected to that person previously and somehow they both simply "know" it. All life experience is evaluated and taken into consideration in looking at each other's personality. Shared past lives is the prerequisite for an important soul mate relationship in this one. Their union this time exists to teach and for both partners to support each other. This is reincarnation, when two old souls find and recognize their other half in this lifetime. Perhaps there was unfinished business that never got resolved, or unlearned lessons from the past that needs their combined attention.

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While sitting in the front window of the Looking Glass Beauty Salon in Louisville Colorado reading palms, I met the beauty product representative one day. She asked if I had time to give her a reading.

"All I meet are women or gay men," she lamented. "What can I do? I'm thirty-five years old, a single Mom with a first-grader and there are no prospects in sight. I'm so darn needy. Help me please."

I asked what she did when she wasn't working. She replied she spent every free minute doing things with her son.

"It is no wonder you haven't met any eligible bachelors," I said. "You need to get out all by yourself once in awhile. No man is going to magically ring your doorbell and announce, "I'm here!" You must put yourself at risk in order to gain in this world. Why not try taking on something new, tackling a project, going to a class or being a volunteer somewhere? You could be pleasantly surprised once you take the leap."

She inquired. "What can I undertake to attract men to me?
I began, "Everyone has an inner child within. Yours has been blocked for several years because of the responsibility you have taken on since your divorce. You feel guilty if you don't spend ever waking minute with your son when you aren't working. Since you're the sole wage earner and provider, you don't think of yourself, ever. Everyone needs diversion, a break in routine now and again. Can you hire a babysitter for an hour a week and treat yourself to an activity just for yourself?"

She listened to my idea and thought about hiring a sitter.
"Maybe I could arrange to get away every so often," she answered.

"Your inner child needs to play. Your way too serious, you never laugh or have any fun. You should act silly and release it," I explained. "Can you think of anything you never got to do as a child? Maybe it was horseback riding, or taking a photography class."

"There is one thing. . . I take my son to Cherry Creek Reservoir every weekend where he floats his sailboat. I never got to do that when I was a kid. I'd love to float my own boat," she said, excitedly.

I replied. "Your homework: buy a little sailboat for yourself. Keep it wrapped up and hidden in the car and don't let your son know about it. Hire a sitter and take your new toy to the Reservoir. Give yourself permission to be free, to be the little kid again. You get to float your boat and see what happens."
She thanked me for her reading, packed up her order books and left.

A month later she returned to the shop to take orders and I saw her once again. She looked like she had swallowed a canary.

"You'll never guess what's happened to me Myrna Lou!" she exclaimed. "I hired a babysitter, as you advised, bought a sailboat and hid it in the car. I took myself to the Reservoir and floated my boat. It felt wonderful too. I started to sing, sun myself and really enjoyed letting my little girl play."

She described an encounter with a stranger who walked past her several times, then asked her what she was doing. She explained she was floating her boat. He sat down, took his sailboat out of his bag and unwound the string. They floated their sailboats for four hours, talking, laughing like kids. At the day's end he asked for her phone number. By dinnertime he called.

"We've been dating every night since. He cottoned to my child too, can you believe it? I could hardly wait until my trip to this shop was due so I could share the news with you."

She admitted doing something with her inner child was a new direction that her life needed at that time. It put a new slant on her perspective.

"Guess what? The three of us float our boats every Sunday and we have a ball!" she offered.

"I would like to see your palm once more," I said.
As I studied it I noticed her soul mate marking was very red, which told me he was the "ONE". She was up for the excitement in her life. She carried him on her hand and his line was also red, which told me he was reciprocating.

"I think this is the relationship that will stay with you for the rest of your life," I predicted.

She thanked me for her second reading and left on her beauty product route. Six months passed and either I missed her at the beauty shop or they were no longer on her list. I received a wedding invitation from her at Christmas time but I was unable to attend the ceremony because I was out of town. I heard they had a beautiful ceremony.

A few weeks later she stopped by the shop with their wedding album. The pictures were delightful, but the one I loved the most was of the three tiered wedding cake with two red sailboats flanking either side of it.

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