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Sacred Sexuality
The Primal Forces of Creation
By Angelina Heart & Yaël Powell

The primal forces of creation are present at every single level of life and are, in fact, sexual in nature. Every galaxy, planet, star and life-form in existence from the macrocosm to the microcosm is born of sexual union; the interaction and fusion of the two primal energies – the Divine Feminine (negative polarity) and the Divine Masculine (positive polarity).

The term “lovemaking” used to describe sexual union between partners is actually a literal cosmic translation. But, to fully comprehend the implied scope of this and how it relates to sacred sexuality, a physics lesson woven within the language of spirituality is appropriate.

In The Beginning...

Both the teachings of science and spirituality confirm that life, as we know it, began with some form of internal combustion within the Source/God. While Science refers to this as the “Big Bang,” religious writings refer to it as Genesis or the Alpha, and many spiritual writings have termed it the “First Split.” All concur that this moment of creation is still ongoing.

According to *messages received by Yaël Powell, God described it as follows:

Feel the endless Love that I AM, the great size and strength and depth – and then realize it was the greatest beauty and most magnificent Love with no object upon which to lavish it.

As I existed in the ocean of Love, thought rose upon Me. There rose up the idea of the other, the exploration of how to give Love, how to express who I Am. I have described this thought to you as a lightning bolt – ah, but one the size of a universe. That bolt, that thought, penetrated the womb and became clothed in Love, moving forth to become Creation. The great bolt of lightning is the great masculine, that which causes, penetrates, that which creates the form for Love to fill.

Creation began. These two forces, the Love and the Thought are the basis of All that Is in existence. Everything. This is what I have called the FIRST SPLIT, when the ocean of Love became movement of Love, clothing the form of My Thought and My Will. This is the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine and all of Creation contains both of these things – including you.”

The Divine Feminine energy is the very substance of Love, from which All that Is is comprised. As the Divine Masculine energy, the bolt of lightning (the Will directed by Thought) penetrates the substance of Love, the interaction causes heat, which then creates motion (E-motion or energy in motion). The electrons within the atoms begin a dance of excitement, increasing their vibration, causing a whirlwind effect, drawing them to the heart of the atom with such speed that they collide, releasing massive amounts of holographic energy as More Love. In physics this is called atomic fusion, although when it is brought forth from the highest light (love in motion), it results in creative multiplication instead of destruction as demonstrated by the atomic bomb.

When this sacred fusion of holy love takes place on any dimension, it creates a direct connection with the On going Moment of Creation where God’s love literally requalifies or attunes the light within the electrons to its highest possible vibration, then GIVES it back to the heart womb of creation between the Lovers to fill whatever thought mold is consciously held in that womb.

Holographic Children of God

Born of the First Split were the holographic offspring of God, commonly referred to as Twin Flames. Through the Two Who are One, God’s expression allowed for the mirror of one’s own Divine Love through the complementary consciousness (polarity) of its Twin Flame. By seeing the reflection of God through the eyes of one’s Twin, the children of God could truly know themselves as God’s love in form and in action and also know the truth of their relationship to God. Through their consciousness they would expand God by co-creating and reflecting God back to itself in the living form of God’s great out-going Love. Each of these billions of holographic beings consisted of the Two Who are One as Twin Flames, and yet each took on a unique vibratory signature common only to the individual set.

The metaphor of the Garden of Eden represents these Twin Flames going forth creating more of the substance of Love through atomic fusion to create billions of forms, which became worlds and dimensions of the radiant emergence of Love in relationship to God.

In order for these beings to grow in their individuality as co-creators, it was necessary to remove part of themselves from the orbit of God, even as our children must leave our orbits to obtain their individuality. Thus began the holographic replication of the children of God as these vast cosmic beings chose to send forth their energies through layer after layer of creation, spiraling down in consciousness to dimensions of lower vibration dense enough to create a veil of forgetfulness. This is known in spiritual literature as the Great Out-Breath of God and in religious literature as “The Fall of Man.”

Given the instantaneous co-creative abilities of Twin Flames, however, it was determined that these Twins should be separated consciously on the lower levels of vibration until such time as they could responsibly rejoin.

You have only one Twin Flame, born at the Moment of Creation, but that Twin Flame has many manifestations. While you can wear both male and female bodies in order to learn how to use and balance these energies, you are still primarily only one of these great primal forces. Learning how to use these energies is entirely different than being these energies. Both forces contain the other, for one cannot exist without the other because they arise from Oneness. The Ying/Yang symbol clearly represents this principle with each of the polarities containing the seed of the other. So, even if you cannot see your Twin Flame, you always carry the awareness of them, and their complementary energy is accessible every moment.

Your current consciousness is but a splinter of your vast Twin Flame being dwelling here in a Time/Space continuum of education based in duality; a place where you could grow with the assistance of ego to claim your individualized co-creative ability by learning to use Thoughts and Feelings to vibrationally magnetize your reality. Duality afforded the quickest possible education, for it provides swift contrast between constructive and destructive thoughts and feelings.

As the children of God created and mis-created with their powers of Thought and Feeling, the energy forms around them grew more and more dense and belief in separation from both their Source and their Twin Flame gave ego a new playground called “survival.” Needless to say, ego has run amuck, turned things upside down, and now the definition of relationship, love, and sexuality has become one of getting instead of giving.
Those attempting to communicate the need to return to the “holy union” taught that sex (as ego now defined it) was not a gift from God, but rather a result of the “natural man’s carnal lust.” Because we had forgotten the nature of sacred sexuality, this information began a circle of guilt and shame and ultimately, our sense of sexuality was completely and absolutely removed from any relationship to real love. True Love is always GIVING.

Twisted beliefs have kept mankind focused on superficiality, on sex as a commodity, and certainly as something one “gets.” Lustful, selfish, “getting” fantasies of love are the diametric opposition to true sexuality. With these misconceptions about our sexuality, we robbed ourselves of the true joy of sacred sexual union.

The Homecoming

The time has now arrived for the Great In-Breath of God where the splinters of the Twin Flame selves are being magnetically drawn back to their Oneness. The encoding within the DNA as regards our conscious at-one-ment with both God and our Twin Flame has been activated and hearts are longing more than ever to join with the other half of their heart in a tangible relationship.

You can even see it filtering through the ego – (eg: the new billion dollar business of e-matches promising you your soulmate.) But this is not a relationship that comes from psycho/spiritual matching of similar qualities. This is absolutely an inside job because in a world of vibrational reality, at any given moment, every single condition, person, place and thing in your world is only reflecting your inner beliefs.

Attracting True Love

So, what do Twin Flames and vibrational reality have to do with Sacred Sexuality?


This longing means you are truly calling forth your sacred capacity to co-create within the Twin Flame heart womb; calling forth the highest aspects of yourself to rejoin.

This does not mean abandoning the relationship you are in to go searching for your true soul mate who is out there somewhere. This means vibrationally drawing through your unique individualized vibratory signature your complementary energy. You have traveled throughout multiple incarnations with splinters of your Twin Flame in manifestations that you have not recognized as your true love. It was not that they did not exist, only that you were incapable of seeing them as they truly are. This can be achieved through the one with whom you are now in relation “as if” they were the incarnation of your Twin Flame, or it can be done on higher levels of consciousness. Either way, you begin to broadcast your unique vibratory frequency by pouring out so much love to your other half that it must magnetically respond. Like a drop of food coloring in a bowl full of water, this energy can literally overshadow your lover and transform your relationship.

Twin Flame love will never break up another relationship. If the object of your affection is unavailable, it means the concept is tantalizing you, but you have distanced yourself from your Twin Flame reunion (possibly from fear). Never allow ego to use its games to justify any action that is out of integrity with love and life, for a relationship begun at the expense of pain to another who has not completed the lessons where they are, cannot ever be the basis for true Twin Flame reunion or Sacred Sexuality.

If you are not in relationship, you can begin the same process on higher levels of consciousness to draw the tangible presence of your Twin Flame.

Calling forth your Twin Flame means you have said “Yes” to love; that you have achieved your own sovereignty and willingly surrender and give all of the love you possess to your beloved. Pouring this forth ceaselessly forms a magnetic attraction from a vibrational level that cannot be resisted and as it returns magnetically to you, it is increased tenfold from your complementary pattern.

As quoted from*messages received from God, Yaël Powell writes;

“You have always heard, ‘when the student is ready the teacher appears.’ On the same note, when your heart is ready your SoulMate appears. Not because they have not been there! But because you have been unable to recognize them. The moment you can ‘read’ with your heart you will recognize them. I will say to you that once you are able to see them and to reach for them consciously, even here on this dense and difficult ‘physical’ level, in that moment your universe will change. Now in that moment, when you commit to living as SoulMates in the heart, from the heart, choosing to go beyond ego – in that moment you come into real contact with Me. Not simply on an information level. No, you begin to live in Me. And everything in your life will shift. Things will ‘fly to you’ that will show you My being, My truth, and give you the experience of My Love through your ability to look into the eyes and heart of another. You will begin to experience true Love.

True Love is beyond Time. True Love exists in the reality of My heart. It is absolutely never restricting. Oh no, rather it is a doorway into the biggest, the most vast, the endless experience of My Love as co-creators. Yes, you can create separately (without knowledge of the other – for your SoulMate is there whether or not you know it) but I tell you this: once you are united consciously with your SoulMate or Twin Flame, then you are ready for real co-creation, the moment your hearts are engaged.”

The Ongoing Moment of Creation

Even as a woman’s body heats up in LoveMaking, opening wider in preparation to receive the man, so too does every cell in a woman’s body, once heated by Love, open up in preparation to receive electrons from the man into the actual cells themselves, thus becoming impregnated with new life – the joined human being (referring to an inner charge – not the genitalia). When fusion takes place as the electrons collide in the heart of the atom, a connection is made to the ONGOING MOMENT OF CREATION (the Big Bang). This is literally a Star Gate. This is also the Moment of Creation in the heart womb between you and your beloved.

As every chakra (energy center) exchanges atoms, as well as your cells, you will experience ecstasy beyond your wildest imaginings… a million times more than anything your little mind has created through the sexual union you now experience, for you will recognize these waves of ecstasy as the Now Moment of Creation. You are connected to the Cosmic Orgasm.

Every electron, whose job it is to deliver light (love in motion), is returned to the ultimate source, refilled with the purest light, and returned to the womb of your creation to be sent forth to create whatever you hold in the THOUGHT mold within this womb between you.

Since whatever you see from the position of this union at this moment is what you will create, this requires discipline of both thought and feeling, for the responsibility for your creation is final! Once connected with your beloved Twin Flame through the heart field, you become a Creation Machine. Inherent in the choice and agreement to join as Twin Flame energies in Sacred Sexuality is the discipline, humility and awareness that go with it.

The Goal of Sacred Sexuality

The Goal of Sacred Sexuality is to reconnect to the Now Moment of Creation and re-qualify the vibration of light in the electron, returning it to this dimension and using that light to deliver love to all creation (including all New Creation brought forth through the Twin Flame union).

Coming together as Twin Flame energies in LoveMaking, we become points of light bridging Heaven and Earth as God’s energy moves through all of our chakras, delivering this love continually and expanding God’s creation. This is our true nature, for we are the very heart cells of God, and as holograms of the Source, are limitless creators of a sexual nature.

Entering a Sacred Sexual Union

Every cell in your body is a hologram of you. You are a hologram of God. (In a hologram, there is no end, and God is absolutely present in every part of creation.) Therefore, every single cell in your body is a sexual, conscious being, not just a few cells located in the area of your genitalia. The purpose of Sacred Sexuality is to consciously create More Love with the full spectrum of your available energy in exchange with the energy of your complementary pattern – your Twin Flame. Approach this union with the deepest reverence and gratitude.

First, and always, invoke the presence of God and surrender your Will to God’s higher Will, intending that your LoveMaking include God’s pure love, direction, and protection. Seal your creation in light to protect it as your bring it forth into manifestation.

Next, make a choice to move from the ego into your heart, for you cannot connect in ego. Discern if, at the level of your being, you are female or male energy and fully accept and embody either the energy of the Divine Mother or the Divine Father light.

Connect with your beloved on whatever level you can make contact. It can be an intuitive sense or even just an affirmation of your surety that your Twin Flame is with you.

Join your hearts (the critical step! Do not ever leave it out or you may end up creating “anti-love” energy.)

Unite your chakras, including those above and below your body, creating a double helix of energy movement (like the DNA strands). Feel this with your intention.

If you are together physically, begin awakening the very cells of your beloved’s body by pouring love from your heart through your touch. If you are with them only in thought, imagine this activity. Excite the electrons within each cell with the heat of this love, gently, tenderly caressing your beloved. Use WILL (God’s Will through you) to direct the atomic lovers of the electrons in the cells to bring the full and glorious awakening, for each cell is also in Twin Flame relationship.

Pour forth this love so completely, with no thought of yourself, opening each of your own cells to your beloved. This love must be real and generated from the heart. It cannot be distorted by selfishness or any lower energy.

Notice how much space is between the cells as the light of your atoms literally exchanges place with that of your lover, uniting you as one.

Expand this heat, exciting the electrons, and maintain it for as long as possible while pouring your love ceaselessly to your beloved in great waves of ecstasy. The more love you give, the more light is released, and the more flows through your own system as it is drawn from higher dimensions. With a continual prayer of gratitude, choose complete union beyond any and all ego and you will truly call the electrons into a state where your beings will knit together through the energy centers of the chakras in a pattern of energy that is so powerful that it is equivalent to the atom bomb (the figure 8).

See a Womb of Creation between your two hearts. Your Double Helix intersects there, uniting you as One.

Meditate together, allowing the full receptivity to make your Womb of Creation fertile and ready to receive life. Join with Divine Mother.

Envision your desired creation and ensure that your intended creation is for the higher good of All that Is.

Now, plant the seed. Speak aloud what you are planting. Connect with the Divine Father, the penetrating light, knowing it is this light that has the power of planting the seed.

Feed your creation, by each fully allowing your femaleness or maleness to become an open channel for the Divine Female or Divine Male. Be sure that the energy pouring from you into your Womb of Creation is coming from Source, from the highest level of female or male, from the point where these energies move forth from God into Creation. This is just as important as joining your hearts.

Feel the excitement, the light in motion within this womb fill the mold of your creation. In this world of density, it requires dynamic feeling to move the energy. Keep your feelings UP. It will not suffice to simply be peaceful and serene with thoughts centered on God. It will not suffice to simply open your heart. The feelings of love and ecstasy must expand until they reach the point of critical mass.

Bring your creation to the physical plane by taking time to visualize your creation as clearly as possible as it will appear in the world. Feel it. Experience it. If you have difficulty doing this, describe verbally exactly what it will feel like, look like, and how you will experience it. This step brings the energy down the vibrational scale and anchors it here. This cools the energy form, slowing down its vibration for manifestation in this dimension.

Then speak the words of Power. Together (very important) visualize your throat chakras joined together, as part of that Double Helix that is your Twin Flame energy. Then together say, “It is created. It is now done.” (Say “now” unless you specifically wish to delay the manifestation.) You can also add any other powerful and definitive words of affirmation.

If you are physically with your beloved, when you do move your LoveMaking to the act of intercourse, seek to climax together and visualize this New Brilliant Dancing Light of Love in your joint heart blasting out in all directions to bathe the entire planet.

The Holy Grail

Sacred Sexuality is the Sacred Alchemical Marriage, the Holy Grail. To achieve this is to touch in perfect love, to see in perfect love, and completely open every particle of your being to giving perfect love, firmly establishing God at the apex of your union. Your Twin Flame union is the holy of holies within which you have the ability to heal the fabric of this world and return it to its glory. It is only as we become love that love will become what we see and what we live. It is now time to awaken as the fully grown Adam and Eve, loving all that is in our keeping.

©Angelina Heart & Yaël Powell

Angelina Heart


Angelina Heart, author of The Teaching of Little Crow, Journey of the Soul (A modern day tale of Twin Flame Love and the reconnection process).

An award winning author, speaker, and teacher, dedicated to helping others understand the joint force of creation termed “Twin Flames”.

Yaël & her Soul Mate Doug Powell

Yaël Powell,
author of Say “Yes” to Love, God Explains SoulMates andSay “Yes” to Love, God Reveals SoulMates and Sacred Sexuality


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