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Welcome to Soul2Soul, a place of healing, guidance and inspiration

Yes, this ancient "Labor of Love" was abandoned years ago when life just got too challenging for me... again. I realize that the original site was created and published just a month before my father's suicide in May of 2001, many of you followed my "life as an open book" journey until I had to retreat due to personal issues and my own healing. But still, I'm honored by the emails I still get from people thanking me for an article, an honest rant or some bit of knowledge and wisdom imparted by myself and my dear friends over these years. You are the reason this site is still here, and a joy to my heart.

The Universe has answered my prayers and given me the message that this site is ready to remodel, resurrect and once again heal, inspire, enlighten, empower and entertain. I'll be seeking out others to help in this endeavor this time... one person cannot change the world, but must gather together those of like-mind and spirit to dream, create and manifest. Wish me luck! And contact me if you're looking to invest emotionally, physically, artistically or financially in a website that once got over a million hits a month... back in the early days when Soul2Soul with Harusami & Friends was one of the only metaphysical/spiritual/alternative sites on the webs.

While I'm busy remodeling the website, please have a look around at our vintage articles on metaphysics, alternative healing, twinflames & soulmates, psychic development, inspiration and more! And please follow me on Twitter and Facebook to get news of the latest products, contests, sales and random thoughts. Also, the gifted Soul2Soul Psychic Readers are ready to answer your questions and guide you on your path.

If you're looking for a practitioner, school, store, teacher or product in your state, please check out the Soul2Soul Network pages!

Love & light!

P.S. In case you hadn't heard, Soul2Soul Treasures is completely remodeled and features all the innovations requested for a smoother, user-friendly shopping experience. Please check it out!

This web site is dedicated to all who wish to wage healing, happiness and peace on earth.

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